The Adventurers

Current Group

Auberry – Longtooth Fighter (E) – Retired?

Far’el – Human Cleric (D)

Phi – Changling Assassin (B)

Raylor – Dwarven Warden (J)

Therandil – Elven Seeker (M)

The Outlanders

A group of adventurers most noted for their ability to turn a profit in any situation. They died when they bit off more than they could chew.

Lain – Human Bard (D) – DECEASED

Improv Master

Relik – Warforged Barbarian (B) – DECEASED

The Quiet

Kitar – Longtooth Shifter Paladin (M) – DECEASED

The damage taker

Braga – Drow Rouge (E) – DECEASED

Money Hungry

The (Bleep)

A group of adventurers swept up in local events, died in defense of Overlook.

Yuriel – Genasi Swordmage (B) – DECEASED

The main defender

Gor – Dwarven Ranger (D) – DECEASED

The most talkative

Daeniroth Human Warlord (M) – DECEASED

The defacto leader

Sioc – Tiefling Warlock © – DECEASED

The new guy

Quevven – Human Wizard (E) – DECEASED

The magic man

Riven – Dwarf Fighter (J) – RETIRED

Nephew of Adronsius came to help the adventurers recuse efforts at the Rivenroar Catacombs he returned to town life after the recuse of the hostages. Known for his quick temper.

h3. Group 1
Character Name Official Title Character Sheet DDI CB File Companion Character
Yuriel - - - -
Gor - - - -
Daeniroth - - - -
Sioc - - - -
Quevven - - - -

The Adventurers

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