The People

The Monastery of the Sundered Chain

Other Notable People
Adventuring Groups

Of Brindol

Eoffram Troyas Councilmember
Morrik A hobgoblin captive
Alys Messenger
RoR Captives The seven captives of Sinruth’s Hand
Sertanian Curator of The Hall of Great Valor

Of Overlook

Elsir Consortium Boss Met with group after they rerurned a lost package
Elder Cadrick The youngest male elder on the Council of Elders
Priest of Bahatmut Identified sword of Bahamut
Commander ?? The Outlanders commander in Bordrin’s Watch
Prashant and his wife Ausma Run the Happy Beggar
Bram Ironfell A representative of the Elsir Consortium
Elster Strifeminer A sergeant stationed in the Blister District

Of The Monastery of the Sundered Chain

Kalad The only survivor of the orc raids saved by the (bleep) company


Modra A weapons broker looking to strike out on his own
Sarshan A Large scale weapons broker working out of Umberforge
Leena A former ally of Modra, now operating with him running Sarshan’s operation


Lotho Elberesk The settlement’s de facto leader
Vaudnim Slain by The Warden to teach a lesson to the village


Eker Morsoc A boy who was doing research into the arcane and now is missing

Other Notable People

Reniss Sister of Jen of the Farstriders
Mag Blackthorn The self declared protector of the Thornwaste
Zoram Splintershield Patrolman from the Giant’s Shield
Lord Asher Skyhook A rescued captive of Fangren and a wealthy landowner
Bhintel Fielderson A rescued captive of Fangren and retired sage

Adventurering Groups

  • Farstriders
  • Freeriders
  • The Green Hand
  • The Company of Wolves
  • The Slayers

The People

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